Envirosteamer by Eureka

EnviroSteamer by Eureka

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The Envirosteamer by Eureka also called Eureka 313a steam mop is one of the best and most affordable hard-surface floor steamers on the market

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EnviroSteamer by Eureka (also called Eureka 313A) is:

  • Environmentally Friendly. The Hard-surface floor Eureka Steam Mop cleans and sanitizes without the use of chemicals
  • Powerful. 6-1/2 amps of power; indicator light for water levels; preheating/cool-down tray for safety
  • versatile. Adjustable-height handle; 12-1/2-inch cleaning head; lightweight design; cloth clip

Sale price includes a measuring cup, funnel and 2 steam pads. 1-year limited warranty   Designed for use on wood, granite, laminate, marble, and other hard, sealed surfaces, this sleek steam mop quickly and effectively sanitizes floors to gleaming perfection. The compact unit’s ingenious steaming technology requires no harsh chemicals. The steamer weighs only 5-1/2 pounds empty.

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A Eureka steam mop is a great thing for your floors especially hard wood which can be easily damaged by cleaning products.   A steam mop helps you  to keep all types of flooring preserved and clean. Harsh chemicals can damage your beautiful hard wood floors. Dirt and grime can also wear down flooring, so you want to keep them clean, but you want to do it gently without chemicals. A steam mop is a type of hard surface cleaner that does the job beautifully. Moms love it because it keeps your floors safe from harsh chemicals and germs! The 313a steam mop sanitizes with steam leaving your flooring fresh and clean. Kids and pets are safe from the harsh chemicals used with traditional mopping. This particular steam mop will generate continuous steam to power throughout the stickiest and toughest messes on the floor.

I have always been cynical about the ability of steam mops when it comes to cleaning floors.  This model only uses water to disinfect and clean, but I was not sure how well they could work. Now, I am no longer skeptical.   Enviro Steamer by Eureka shows that they can work efficiently and that they have deep clean power.


  • Offers a constant steam design
  • It features a thick extra-large Magic Cloth to effectively absorb dirt and water
  • Comes with a cooling down and preheating tray to protect floor surfaces
  • An adjustable handle for easy storage
  • Amazing abilities to clean corners and edges


  • The constant steam will mean that care is needed if it’s left in one area
  • Magic cloth might get smaller if dried on high heat in a dryer

The Enviro Steamer will work magic on surfaces to remove dirt and stuck-on particles from floors. The swivel handle and low profile makes it easy to clean around corners and under cabinets. The magic cloth cleaning pad that is stored in the top section of the unit offers the best mop to clean edges. The continuous steam can remove cereal that has been plastered on the floor and give a spotless floor for toddlers to play on.

The cool down and heat up foam tray protect floors. This device can easily be filled up with a funnel and measuring cup. There is an indicator light that will show if the unit should be refilled. Even though manufacturer’s guidelines state that the magic cloth must be rinsed and placed on the line to dry in order to avoid shrinking, it can placed in the washing machine using gentle cycle prior to hanging it on the line and dried on a low temperature setting.

 Advantages of Steaming Hard Surface Floors

Steam mops will be an excellent substitute for the mops that your grandmother and mother used to clean floors in the past. With steam mops such as Eureka Enviro 313, you don’t need a water bucket and separate mop. Steam mops are really effective in removing dirt, scuffs and germs from hard surface floors without leaving any chemical deposits behind.

There are many advantages of using the steam mops instead of the standard bucket and water mops. The steam mops will be gentle enough to clean all types of hardwood floors, marble and laminate flooring. Since they are built to dry floors faster, you don’t have to worry about water destroying your hard floor. They also come with built in water bucket for your added convenience.

When you are using a regular mop, your water will get dirty. This means that you are continually wetting the mop and using the dirty mop to clean the floor. With small kids and pets in the home, you will be exposing them to chemicals and dirty water. The steam mops provide a much cleaner  and well sanitized method.  This unit can heat up the water to an incredible 130 degrees Celsius. When the water is heated to this degree, the mop will kill all germs and bacteria while it cleans to leave a spotless floor. In addition to killing germs and bacteria, the steam will prevent the growth of mildew and mold.Eureka enviro 313 comes with an adjustable handle and trigger to release extra water. The Eureka steam mop can easily clean near base boards and other hard to reach places.

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